What is Ni-Hard Casting?
Ni-Hard casting is a type of white cast iron alloy with high nickel and chromium content. This alloy has properties such as very high wear resistance, high toughness and good machinability. Ni-Hard casting is used in the production of critical parts in many different industrial applications subject to wear and tear.

History and Development of Ni-Hard Casting
Ni-Hard casting was developed in the early 20th century. The types of cast iron used until then were not sufficiently resistant to wear and tear. With the development of Ni-Hard casting, these problems were significantly solved.

Here are some of the inventions that played an important role in the development of Ni-Hard casting:

  • 1910s: It was discovered that nickel significantly improved the wear resistance of white cast iron.
  • 1920s: It was discovered that chromium further improved the wear resistance of nickel.
  • 1930s: The first Ni-Hard casting alloys are developed and commercially available.

Features of Ni-Hard Casting
The most important features of Ni-Hard casting are:

  • Very High Wear Resistance: Ni-Hard cast iron has the highest wear resistance of all cast iron types. This makes it an ideal material for crushing and grinding equipment, pumps, valves and other parts subject to wear and tear.
  • High Toughness: Ni-Hard castings exhibit high resistance to impact and vibration. This makes it more resistant to fracture and cracking.
  • High Strength: Ni-Hard casting has higher strength compared to conventional white cast iron.
  • Heat Resistance: Ni-Hard casting is resistant to high temperatures.

Ni-Hard Casting Usage Areas
Ni-Hard casting is used in the production of critical parts in many different industrial applications that are subject to wear and tear. The main areas of use are as follows:

  • Mining: Crushers, grinders, conveyor belts and other mining equipment
  • Construction: Mixers, conveyor belts, pumps and other construction equipment
  • Agriculture: Harvesting machines, ploughs, fertilising equipment and other agricultural equipment
  • Power Plants: Coal crushers, ash handling systems and other power plant equipment
  • Steel Industry: Coils, plates and other parts used in rolling mills
  • Chemical Industry: Agitators, pumps, valves and other chemical industry equipment
  • Paper and Cardboard Industry: Cylinders, knives and other parts used in paper and cardboard production

Ni-Hard Casting Selection
When selecting Ni-Hard castings, the application for which the product will be used and the desired properties should be considered. Different Ni-Hard casting alloys offer different levels of wear resistance, toughness and strength.

Additional Information
It can also be called by different names such as Ni-Hard casting, Ni-Hard Fe, Ni-Hard 1, Ni-Hard 2, Ni-Hard 3, Ni-Hard 4, Ni-Hard 5 and Ni-Hard 6.