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Gray Cast Iron Products

  • Engine Blocks: Cast iron is widely preferred in the production of automotive engine blocks, providing advantages with its low cost and high strength.
  • Brake Pads: Cast iron is used in brake pads due to its resistance to wear and its ability to absorb high heat.
  • Crankshafts: Cast iron is known for its durability and strength in crankshafts.
  • Valve Bodies: Cast iron provides resistance to pressure and wear in valve bodies.
  • Pipes and Valves: Cast iron is used in liquid transportation systems such as water and gas pipes and valves.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Cast iron is used in various parts of agricultural machinery, especially chassis and gearboxes.
  • Railway Equipment: Cast iron is used in equipment such as railway rails, wheels and brake systems.
  • White Goods: Cast iron is used in parts of white goods such as stoves, washing machines and refrigerators.

Ductile Iron Products

  • Complex Parts: Ductile iron is used to produce parts with complex shapes and precise dimensions thanks to its high toughness and flexibility.
  • Parts Subject to Impact: Ductile iron is preferred in machine manufacturing due to its resistance to impacts and vibration.
  • Parts Subject to Wear: Ductile iron has high durability used in parts subject to wear such as pumps, valves and gears.
  • High Pressure Systems: Ductile iron is used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems due to its resistance to high pressure and temperatures.
  • Rail Systems: Ductile iron provides high strength and resistance to impacts in rail system parts such as tram and metro wheels.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Ductile iron is used in critical parts of agricultural machinery, especially in transmissions and axles.
  • Military Equipment: Ductile iron is preferred in military equipment such as tanks, armored vehicles and weapons.


Gray Cast Iron (EN-GJL)
Available in 150, 200, 250, 300 grades.

Nodular Cast Iron (EN-GJS)
There are 400-15, 400-18, 500-7, 600-3, 700-2 grades.

SiMo (EN-GJS-SiMo)
There are SiMo40-6, SiMo45-10 grades.