What is SiMo Casting?
SiMo casting is a type of ductile cast iron alloy containing silicon (Si) and molybdenum (Mo). This alloy has properties such as high strength, toughness, wear resistance and heat resistance. Thanks to this, SiMo casting is used in the production of critical parts in many different industrial applications.

History and Development of SiMo Casting
SiMo casting was developed in the mid-20th century. Until then, the types of cast iron used had durability problems at high temperatures and harsh working conditions. With the development of SiMo casting, these problems were significantly solved.

Some inventions that played an important role in the development of SiMo casting are as follows:

  • 1930s: It was discovered that silicon encouraged graphite to form in spherical shapes in ductile cast iron.
  • 1950s: It was discovered that molybdenum significantly increased the strength and toughness in ductile cast iron.
  • 1960s: The first SiMo casting alloys were developed and began to be used commercially.

Features of SiMo Casting
The most important features of SiMo casting are:

  • High Strength: SiMo casting has higher strength than traditional spheroidal cast iron. This makes it a more durable and long-lasting material.
  • High Toughness: SiMo casting shows high resistance to impacts and vibration.
  • High Wear Resistance: SiMo casting is highly resistant to wear. This makes it an ideal material for parts exposed to wear and tear.
  • High Heat Resistance: SiMo casting is resistant to high temperatures. This makes it an ideal material for parts used in engines, furnaces and other high-temperature equipment.
  • Good Machinability: SiMo casting can be machined more easily than other types of cast iron.
  • Low Cost: SiMo casting is less costly than some other alloyed cast iron types.

SiMo Casting Usage Areas
SiMo casting is used in the production of critical parts in many different industrial applications. The main areas of use are:

  • Automotive: Engine blocks, crankshafts, exhaust manifolds, brake discs and other engine parts
  • Machine Manufacturing: Hydraulic pumps, valves, gearboxes, bearings and other machine parts
  • Agricultural Machinery: Tractor engines, harvesters, plows and other farm machinery parts
  • Railway Equipment: Locomotive engines, railcars, tracks and other railway equipment
  • Power Plants: Turbines, pumps, valves and other power plant parts
  • Mining Equipment: Excavators, trucks, conveyor belts and other mining equipment
  • SiMo casting is a versatile material that can be used in many different applications that require high performance and durability.

Additional Information
SiMo casting can also be called SiMoMo or SiMo-Mo.
SiMo casting has different chemical compositions and mechanical properties.

The selection of SiMo casting is made according to the application in which the product will be used and the desired properties.